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Art Therapy & Therapeutic Art Groups

Image by Rachael Gorjestani

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a mental health specialization that incorporates art-making in psychotherapy. As a therapeutic approach, art therapy uses different types of art, the creative process, psychological concepts and counseling techniques to improve cognitive functioning, emotional expression and resilience, develop self-awareness, and improve a variety of mental health symptoms. Art therapy is provided by a licensed mental health counselor or psychotherapist who is trained in art therapy as a specialty, as part of ongoing psychotherapy.  Learn more from the Americal Art Therapy Association.

Interested in learning if Art Therapy is right for you? Click here to request a consultation with Monika.

Therapeutic Art Groups

Our therapeutic art groups are open to anyone who wants to engage in deeper self-discovery, self-expression, and growth. Unlike art therapy, which is a psychotherapy treatment modality, therapeutic art groups use art as a tool for self-exploration with a focus on creativity, reflection, and fun. We use a variety of materials and methods to engage the mind and body in healing and therapeutic ways by exploring thoughts, emotions, identity, relational boundaries, personal goals, and many other topics. No, you don't have to be "good at art" to participate! The focus is on the process and on experimentation, rather than on the finished product. 

Image by Estée Janssens

Groups & Workshops

No upcoming events at the moment
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