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Telehealth: Online Therapy Sessions

How does it work?

 Online therapy is delivered through a service known as Telemedicine, which is a safe and time-saving way to deliver online sessions with a licensed professional. Though online sessions are not for everyone, they can be an efficient way to get the help you need even when you have a busy schedule. Before starting online sessions, we provide you with all of the information you will need in order to be prepared for your session. Research studies have confirmed the efficacy of online counseling as a treatment delivery method, showing that it can be just as effective as an in-person session for many clients.

Online Meeting

Is it covered by insurance?

​Most insurance companies will pay for telemedicine sessions, including Tricare. Please contact your insurance company to ensure that Telehealth or Telemedicine for Mental Health is covered under your specific policy. Please note that the same rules for in-person sessions apply to online sessions: copays and deductibles are the same, services not paid by insurance are your responsibility, and that late cancellations or no-show fees also apply.

How do I access my online session?

Your counseling session must be pre-scheduled by your therapist or by calling our office. All you'll need for your Telehealth a computer or smart phone, reliable internet connectivity, and to be in a private place. Our online platform is HIPAA compliant, so your information is safe.

With online counseling sessions, your privacy is our main concern. Therefore, we do not allow sessions to take place in busy, public places, such as coffee shops, or when there are other people in close proximity. We recommend using headphones for additional privacy.

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