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Yoga and Mindfulness

As part of our whole-person approach to mental and physical wellness, we offer yoga classes and mindfulness meditation coaching and workshops. Yoga and Mindfulness practices have been found through research to be especially helpful in treating mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic stress, and insomnia, when combined with psychotherapy. In addition, they also helps to lower cortisol (stress hormone), increase dopamine (feel good hormone), reduce blood pressure, improve focus, and reduce nervous system reactivity (such as panic and restlessness).

Yoga on Deck


Our classes emphasize mind-body connection. Through breathing techniques and mindful movement, we create thoughtful and reflexive practices that promote both mental and physical wellbeing.

Meditation Class


Mindfulness is a set of practices that help us to develop more awareness of the present moment and of your physical, mental, and emotional states. Through this awareness, we can develop better ways to cope with problems, to respond to challenges, and to experience more calm, peace, and balance.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Group

Passes and Memberships

Invest in your mental and physical health, while also enjoying savings.

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