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Nutritional & Wellness Coaching

Nutritional & Wellness Counseling

We approach the care of our clients from a holistic perspective and this applies to our nutritional coaching service as well. When our body, mind, spirit are all working together we feel good, more balanced, have more energy, and experience better mood.

Often times when we feel stressed from work, family life, and relationships, we might overeat or make poor food choices. We might find ourselves struggling with mood changes, lack of sleep, low energy, and fatigue to name a few issues.

Nutritional and Wellness Counseling will provide you the foundation to take practical measures to improve your diet and digestion by choosing wholesome foods, and learn tips and tricks for meal planning.

We do not prescribe diets, medication for weight loss, or quick fixes. 

What you can expect from our service:

- In depth discussion of your concerns and goals

- Review of current diet and suggestions for food changes that could provide symptom improvement

- Identification of possible vitamin deficiencies and recommendations

-Learning how foods affect your mood, sleep, energy, and other areas of life.

- Food and mood log to record your food, water, mood, sleep, and movement for the day

- Assistance in setting realistic and achievable wellness goals

- Problem solving and brainstorming solutions surrounding more difficult behavior patterns or challenges

- Assistance with lifestyle adjustments (how to incorporate meal planning or movement during the day, improved bedtime routine)

- Motivational and emotional support

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