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Anxiety Treatment

Some anxiety and worry is inevitable and a sign that you are, well… human. Though not everyone who experiences anxiety has an anxiety disorder, for some the symptoms are severe enough to impact their daily lives and health and professional help is needed. Approximately 40 million adults in the US are affected by anxiety in any given year, and in 2020 this number increased by almost 50%.

For those who live with daily symptoms of anxiety, life can be exhausting. Anxiety disorder impacts people both psychologically and physically. Because of the deep and intimate connection between mind and body, it is important to understand how chronic anxiety affects the body over time.

You may have had treatment for anxiety before and feel like you improved for a little while, only for symptoms to worsen later. Though there are several treatment approaches for anxiety disorders, at Thrivemind we will work together to understand how your anxiety works, how it affects your mind and your body, and what strategies will work best for your lifestyle to help you manage worry and stress. You will learn how to implement mindfulness-based approaches to help you reduce stress, such as meditation and yoga-inspired movement to help soothe the nervous system and heal both mind and body. When you work with us, you learn not just how to manage worrying thoughts, but also skills that you can implement to live a full life.

If you have questions about your anxiety or our treatment approach, I invite you to call is at 910-939-0837.

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