Good grief!

The simple answer is no. Grief is a complex process and a healthy reaction after a loss. There are ways to help lessen the burden of losing a loved one and the stress that can accompany it through end-of-life planning. Loss and its impact Loss impacts everyone differently, as no two grief reactions are the same. Grief is the physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social experiences regarding the loss. Grief reactions are based on factors like age, gender, ethnicity, f

Grief: The ultimate heartbreak

The emotional suffering that comes from grief can be overwhelming. When someone we love is taken away from us, we feel a multitude of emotions from guilt to disbelief, anger, fear, confusion, and profound sadness. Grief is not limited to the death of a loved one or a pet; grief is a normal process that can occur after a divorce, miscarriage, the loss of a home or job, or the end of a friendship. Whatever your loss may be, only you understand the significance of that loss and