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Thrivemind’s commitment is to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can be your authentic self, and invest in your own growth.​ Thrivemind takes a holistic, or "whole-person," approach to mental health. We believe that the best way to live is not just to reduce the struggle or eliminate symptoms but instead that you deserve a life where you thrive.​


Our holistic approach allows us to work together at a deeper level so you can feel better and make lasting changes. In order to help you achieve your full potential, we apply our most basic value: that we must build upon your worth, dignity, and strengths. We tailor each session to address your needs and evaluate our progress every step of the way.

Our team of holistic therapists is ready to support you at our Jacksonville and Wilmington offices or through Telehealth in all of North Carolina. Our team of mental health providers offers a comprehensive spectrum of specializations, including EMDR, Art Therapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, Family-Centered Therapy, and more!


Are you ready to start investing in yourself?​    

Start your journey with us today by scheduling your virtual or in-person appointment at our Jacksonville or Wilmington offices. 

Specialized mental health support

Therapy Session

Depression, Grief & Complex Loss

Are you living under a cloud of sadness that only seems to get bigger? Is it hard to get out of bed or get through the day without feeling empty, crying, or wanting to give up? Overcoming chronic sadness and depression on your own can be very hard. We can help.

Whole-Person Wellness

Our holistic approach to wellness helps to support your mind and body so you can thrive.

When our body, mind, spirit, and social needs are met, we feel good, have more energy, and enjoy a more positive life.

Good nutrition is vital to mental and physical health. Learn how your food choices and habits can improve your wellness goals without following a strict diet.

If you would like to experience more balance in your life, discover how Yoga and mindfulness practices can help you enhance your overall wellness and improve mental health.

Creativity and self-expression can improve your health. Deepen your journey toward self-awareness and growth through art therapy and to our fun therapeutic art workshops.


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Serving Two Locations:

Jacksonville:  2457 Gum Branch Rd. Suite 800

Jacksonville, NC 28540. 

Wilmington: 201 N. Front St. Suite 502.

Wilmington, NC. 28401 

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